Sunday, 1 February 2009

Occupation Comes To An End, As Students Declare Victory!

King's College London Students End Occupation, Declaring Victory

Feb. 1, 2009

(London) King's College London students declared victory today after almost two weeks occupying a lecture theatre at the Central London Strand campus. The students began their sit-in protest almost a fortnight ago on Tuesday morning January 20th, demanding a series of measures from the university management aimed at recognising the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza and initiating concrete measures to help to alleviate it. King's College students were particularly concerned about the stance of King's College in light of the decision to award an honorary doctorate to Shimon Peres, current president of Israel.

"The college has agreed to a series of measures to directly address the current crisis in Gaza, including the provision of scholarships for those directly affected by the crisis, and the donation of educational resources to institutions in Palestine", said Mido Khan on behalf of the student protesters. "In addition, the college has acknowledged the scale of discontent that the award to Peres has generated among the student population, particularly considering the award in the context of what has happened recently in Gaza." The students agreed to cease their occupation after college management agreed to publish a statement outlining the position of the College on these issues and the humanitarian measures undertaken in the wake of the occupation.

"This signals the reintroduction of student activism as a powerful agent for political change, and shows us that if we make a stand then we can make a difference", said Hesham Yafai.


  1. Wow, your sarcasm is soo clever and original. You think that all up on your own - what a biig boy. Next step up potty training.

    If you wanted them to go away you should have gone down an spoken to them - I'm sure you would have changed your opinion quite quickly.

    Go Kings! Congratulations for your immense occupation in which you helped raise aid and awareness for a serious issue. (that is from all of us who supported you and showed solidarity - haha, Matt is such a doush)

  2. I offer my congratulations to you in your noble stand and in your victory in achieving at least some of your aims.
    To help one person is better than to help none at all.
    You join us in our victories!

    Your's sincerely,
    Warwick University's 2009 former occupier

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  4. This is a brilliant success - well done to all involved! Justice for Palestine in 2009!

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