Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Desmond Tutu sends his support to King's Occupation

King's alumnus has sent his support to the KCL occupation

'Dear Friends,
Thank you for your communication. I have emailed Prof Trainor to obtain his side of the story.That will determine my next step.

God bless you in your stand for justice,

+Desmond Tutu.'


  1. Hi guys, i hope you are doing well and feeling in high spirits.

    Just a quick one: did you know that Robert Mugabe had THREE honorary Doctorates revoked? I found this gem on Ednet of all places!!

    Good luck and solidarity from SOAS. there are now SEVEN uni's in or have been in occupation so far and the number is growing.. I have heard of THREE more!!

    Who said that student activism is dead.

    well done. Speak soon. Clare-SOAS

  2. Aslo, we are all in the guardian - yee hee...x