Sunday, 25 January 2009

King's students address BBC demo

King's College students Callum and Lubaaba spoke to tens of thousands of people in trafalgar square after the march from the infamous Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Here is their message of hope for the growing student movement in solidarity with the people of Palestine:

Shahrar Ali, Green Party


  1. Why was then a Nobel prize given to Jassir Arafat in the first place with regard to his terrorism without limits until he recognized Israel as a state?

    Secondly, Israel is a sovereign state and has the right to defend itself against terrorism. We would do the same if it happened to us.

    Third, the main party responsible here is clearly Hamas. So let's not distort the cause here. Their militant Antisemitism - they do not want to negotiate with Israel, but wipe them off the map - brought the people of Gaza, who elected Hamas in this situation.

    Just look at the people inside Gaza now: apart from the most militant Hamas constituency, people are fed up with Hamas. They used their own people as human shields according to world news agencies. In some cases, they did not even let people leave when the wanted to escape. How shameful is that?

    Also, I know no other army in that region which calls houses and drops leaflets before it attacks.

    And in contrast to Arafat, e.g., Peres was not a terrorist and has never been one who without ethical limits just outpoured hate against any people. On the contrary, he has a legacy for reaching out to his enemies and seeking constructive solutions for the conflict. Something, Hamas has never shown. And that is one of the main reasons the Palestinian people do not have their own state yet.

    To sum up, I admire poeple who stand up for their convictions, but this is mere ideology, propaganda and distortion. And your claim to revoke Peres's honoury doctorade is simply ridiculous!

  2. andi, i agree.

    i think there are a few issues that will never be solved, e.g. if one of the parties seeks to destroy the other ... what kind of compromise can you negotiate?

  3. Where are all these pro-Israelis cropping up from with their distorted facts regarding apartheid-Israel's so called rights - the Cambridge occupation blog is also full of them. An occupying force that carries out genocide on a regular basis over a number of decades after a shameless land grab forfeits any perceived 'rights'.

    I'm a King's alumnus and a Muslim and am really glad that King's students are standing up for the rights of Gazans and against Peres' honorary doctorate.

  4. army of zionists scouting to misinform freedom fighters across the web....

    I wish americans had half the balls of students linking with workers in greece and france, and taking over unis across england and spain....

    this green-party speaker is right on point: ignore it, and you'll be next.....keep up the good work in england, we who want justice stand in solidarity