Saturday, 24 January 2009

Letter of support from member of staff

Doing The Difficult
A Smart man once said:-
‘If you want to rise, you have to do the difficult,’
I believe in that then and I believe in it now.
It is simply not good enough to say when confronted with a point of view that it is unprecedented to revoke an honorary degree on the basis it has never been done. Just because it has never been done, does not mean it should not happen. The human race as a species would never have made the progress we had if someone didn’t take a risk, do the difficult, follow a theory or line of thought to produce the end result that has propelled us forward. Nothing was ever achieved by taking the easy route or path of least resistance.
It is right that over one thousand people, above all children, should be killed and maimed for no other reason that thirteen people of neighbouring nation were killed? Terribly as those thirteen deaths were, two wrongs do not make a right. And over one thousand innocent lives lost does not make it right.
Peace is in some respects an undiscovered country. For some a journey that has never been undertaken but one that must be made eventually. No one says it will be easy, for making peace is harder than making war. It is difficult. But if one is to rise, one has to do the difficult. The current situation in Gaza as well as elsewhere should not be happening. Oppressing innocent people, killing innocent people, especially children-The future of a nation is inexcusable. Especially in the twenty-first Century.
So Mr.Principal-Rise and do the difficult-Revoke the Honorary Doctorate-It is not held by an honorary man, nor one with honour.



  1. I congratulate the Kings College participants in this cause for your efforts for justice and right action!
    According to one source of mine, the Palestinians of Gaza who hear of our occupations are getting more strength in terms of hope etc.

    Thank you for your role in this,
    Warwick University participant of the sit-in of Lecture Room S0.21

  2. and what about the terrorist attacks inside Israel and the rockets that hamas launched before the siege was imposed?