Thursday, 22 January 2009

Leeds University

We have just received news that Leeds University is under occupation!

'At 4.30pm today around 30 people occupied the Botany House building (near the Student Union) at Leeds University in protest against the attacks on Gaza.

Our initial demands are:


Open the books to show which companies that back the Israeli state the Uni is investing in and/or receiving funding from.
Disinvestment from said companies
To Release a statement condemning the Israeli state's attacks and blockade on Gaza
Surplus resources (computers, books etc) to be sent to students in Gaza
Scholarships for at least five Gazan students to study in Leeds
No repercussion, legal or otherwise for activists


We call on the government to condemn the Israeli state's attacks and blockade on Gaza
To expel the Israeli ambassador from the UK
For Israeli diplomats to lose their diplomatic status and be tried for their part in the attaks
Demand the government does not send any military support to assist in the blockade or attacks on Gaza

We stand in full solidarity with the Gazan people and protestors around the world, including the occupiers at other universities.'

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