Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Today and tomorrow...

Lecture theatre K2.31 was packed with 90 students this afternoon in solidarity with Gaza, who came to hear talks by Professor Johnathan Rosenhead, Professor Alex Callinicos and Mike Cusham.

Schedule for Tomorrow:
Lindsey German, convenor of Stop The War Coalition, will be speaking at 11 am
Neil Cafferty, from the Socialist Party (which has sister groups in Lebanon and Israel) will be speaking at 2pm
There will be a workshop entitled 'How Can We Defeat the Siege of Gaza?' at 4pm
John Rose, author of 'The Myths of Zionism', will be speaking at 5pm

See you there!


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  2. I am ashamed that people such as yourself are making a bad name of a respected academic institution such as King's. Before this week I was proud that our university was a centre for tolerance. Now i am utterly disgusted.If you remove this comment then you obviously do not believe in freedom of speech either.