Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shame on Manchester Metropolitan

We have heard reports that the Manchester Met administration have locked the occupation inside and are restricting their access to food.

This is a gross violation of the Human Rights Act and Manchester Met should be ashamed of their dirty attempt to suppress students' freedom of expression.

Please email Professor John Brooks, Vice-Chancellor at and send your support to the occupation

Solidarity with Manchester Met
Free Gaza

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  1. Morning Food Aid

    The food blockade by MMU security was brought to an end by staff that are supporting the occupation. Biscuits, Fruit, Coffee and tea has been delivered.

    MMU Management has put checkpoints in the building and possibly in others, they are checking student I.D. cards and trying to keep out any supporters. The security guards are organised by GMB who we are calling upon to support us and advise their members not to allow a second night without food and water.

    Victory to the students!
    Victory to the people of Palestine!